Thursday, May 15, 2014

Snapshots: Pinto Art Museum and the Silangan Garden

Located in the hilltop town of Antipolo, Pinto Art Museum is a hectare-wide space that houses contemporary art pieces. At first, it was just designed and build as a storage for artworks but eventually it had been converted into a venue dedicated for contemporary art exhibition. The renovation was led by one of the designer and artist - Antonio Leano.

The name of the museum comes from a Tagalog word which translates "door", in relevance that this place is open for all types of contemporary arts and practices. Now, Pinto Art Museum holds more than 300 art pieces and still continue growing as Dr. Joven Cuanang accumulate more art pieces as part of his collection.

** Detailed Pinto Art Museum visit here **

Entrance of Pinto Art Museum
Sala set installed on one of the rooftop
A chapel inside Pinto Art Museum
Photo op :)
Siraulo - Name of the cafeteria inside the museum
Bie wait for me!
Retouch huh?

Works of noted Filipino artists such as Ferdinand Montemayor, Tony Leano, Mark Justiniani, Joel Alonday, Danny Dalena, Carlo Saavedra, Tammy Tan, Victor Santos, Dennis Gonzales, Guerrero Habulan, Cris Villanueva Jr.,Keiye Miranda, Jim Orencio, Ian Quirante, Elmer Roslin and others are featured in each exhibit wings in Pinto Art Museum

"Oblivious" by Stephanie Lopez
I forgot to get the name of this art piece
Biggest Mural I saw in my 24 years of existence!
"Duminicum Eskulentum" by Emmanuel Garibay
"Katapusan" by Jerson Samson
We can stay here for the rest of our lives
"Panalo (swim, bike, run)"
More paintings displayed in the museum
With its beautiful landscape, Pinto Art Museum is a perfect place to shoot prenups and alike. Well, me and my girlfriend just tried it out. Hehe

Read, pose, click!
What are reading by the way?
She reads a lot, I read just the summary at the back... hahahaha
Don't let me go!
This took us a lot of frames just to get this right
Thanks for posing with me like this :]
Let's get inside, please?

What makes Pinto Art Musuem special is, aside from its stunning paintings and unique art pieces, the surrounding and the architectural structural of this place. It is surrounded by a hectare-wide garden and stucco-finish white exhibit wings.

To know more about my tour at Pinto Art Musuem, you may visit this link -- [click here].


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