Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Snapshots: Isdaan Floating Restaurant of Calauan, Laguna

Isdaan Floating Restaurant of Laguna is not a typical restaurant that only serves food. It is a Fun-Park that is Thailand-inspired decorated with remarkable and huge statues of Buddhas, little monks and mermaids. Well there are also cartoon character statues on some part of the restaurant which makes it child-friendly as well. In short, this place is perfect for family bonding and out of town trip for the whole family.

See how detailed the decorations are?
The place is so hard to miss with all those tall statues
What's going on there?
Selfie at the Entrance of Isdaan
My version of selfie at the entrance
I finally meet you, idol!
Smile Baby ko!
Kalooka? or Kalookalike? Hmmmm.... Kalookalike!
Pleas make us more inlove... ... ...
Oh my!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! How could you?

Visitors of this place will not be bored with all the decorations installed in Isdaan. Not a single area is dull and empty. It was well planned and well executed. I was amazed with all the things they have in there and I felt like I was brought into another country during my visit. Good thing, Calauan is just a few hours away from Manila and very accessible to Manilenos.

Like a statue hehe
My favorite part of the site
There's more to come!
Where do want to go next madam?
Convinced now when I said huge statues?
Pathway that leads visitors to the pond
Isdaan Entrance from the top view

Isdaan is owned and operated by the Barrio Fiesta group of restaurants. Therefore, never doubt the taste of the food being served here. Foods/Meals are serve in big serving so if you'll be going here alone or two, it will be a bit pricey. I suggest you bring the whole "barkada" and family. If you want to know my whole Isdaan Floating Restaurant story, please refer on the link -- [click here].


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