Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Snapshots: Sumilon Island and its Sandbar

Sumilon Island is one of the hidden gems in Cebu that can be found on the tip of Cebu's southeastern region. It has been famous because the 24-hectare island is being surrounded by pristine water with varying aquamarine hues and not to mention because of its rich marine life. Having said that, Sumilon Island is a known site which is ideal for diving.

Sumilon is a developed island and has a resort built on it -- Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort. The resort made the island an eco-friendly sanctuary which perfect for people who wanted an escape from the busy life in the city. (But this blog entry is not going to highlight the said resort)

Photo op at the famous sandbar of Sumilon Island
The water is getting high
Tourist or Divers?
Just enjoying Sumilon
Jump for me also!
What a backdrop huh?
Turista mode
Cua, Ius and Yap
No one can resist the water of Sumilon Island

Aside from resort built on this island, Sumilon Island's another popular attraction is its sandbar. Why? It is because the sandbar of this island does change its shape as well as shifts its location around the island depending on the season. And just like any ordinary sandbar, it disappears during high tide.

Now whut?
I forgot to edit out those things at her back...
Looking for Edward, Pola?
Jing on the left. Pola on the right
Looking sharp here Anna :)
Luffy at Sumilon Island

To read more about the majestic Sumilon Island, you may visit this link -- [click here].


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