The Shutterbug

A close encounter with a beetle at the peak of Mt Batulao

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for visiting my photoblog. 

Hi! I am Geejay Gelogo. I am born and raised in the rich and beautiful country of Philippines. If it happens to know that you haven't heard it yet, well you can locate its Capital at 14°35′N 121°0′E (The latitude and longitude of Manila). I am currently based in Manila doing everything and almost anything to support my call for travelling and photography. 

If you love traveling maybe you already came across on my other blog - Geejay Travel Log. It holds a detailed description and my experience of my previous travels. If not, well that's ok. Atleast now you know that a place like that exists in the world of WWW. 

So what's up for this separate blogs? Well, I just love taking photos and though I can post it on my travel blog, I prefer making a separate one. This time with larger scale of photos and more photos per post (I can't do that to my travel blog because it may slow down its performance in terms of loading each page and my readers might get tired waiting forever before they can read the whole story)! In other words, this blog will showcase my skills on photography (whut? skills?) or just my favorite shots during my travels, dates, or from just an ordinary days. Sounds non sense? Meh, well I guess so... but Geejay Gelogo Snapshots is already here. I just hope that you guys will also support my newest niche just like how you'd supported Geejay Travel Log. Thank you in advance! God bless us all! 


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