Friday, May 16, 2014

Snapshots: Chinese New Year [2014] and The Binondo, Manila

Binondo is located near Intramuros (another historic site in the country) as it is just across the Pasig River. The place is also known as the "Chinatown" district in Metro Manila and proclaimed as the oldest Chinatown in the world. Yes, you read it right, in the world. By that, Binondo holds a rich history and cultural significance in which for some are not known. Today, Binondo has became a popular destination to foodies due to the numerous food stalls and restaurants that surrounds it run by Filipino-Chinese merchants. The place has been a food haven wherein people can eat authentic Chinese cuisine.

** Detailed Binondo Tour here **

Chinese New Year vibes on one of the streets of Binondo
Their displays were really appealing

One of the highlights of Binondo is their annual celebration of Chinese New Year that is being held on the month of February. The whole community decorates the area with different things that highlights the culture of Chinese - Dragons, tigers, chinese lanterns, and other stuffs. People who'll visit the place during that day or week will really feel the fun of festivity. The streets will be overly crowded and all known restaurants & stalls are blockbuster with patrons. Dragon dancers are also present in the scene during the festivity. Plus, people celebrate this event through lighting up firecrackers along the street. So it wil lbe loud yet fun!

Chinese and Pinoy Culture in 1 celebration
Thank you for accompanying me :)
Selfie in front of Sincerity Restaurant
Patatim at Sincerity Restaurant
Tikoy of Eng Bee Tin
Binondo Church under renovation
Pray because He listens
Photo op at Chinatown Mall
Lucky shot :)
Busy street of Binondo

Binondo, Manila has lots to offer for those you'll visit the place. What I posted here are just some of what you can expect. I recommend you to see it yourself, experience and even taste! For full details of my Binondo tour, simply refer on this link [click here].


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