Sunday, September 14, 2014

Snapshots: September 2014 PHLUG BrickFast

Just last month, I wake up one morning and decided to collect Lego. I don't know why or how it happened but out of nowhere, I wanted to start a new collection... a brick collection - specifically, Lego. Since then, Lego occupied my browsers' history. I tried to look at OLX, Amazon, Lego shop and others. Then I came across this group in Facebook called PHLUG. 

PHLUG which stands for PHilippine Lego Users Group. It is actually a community of Lego enthusiasts who are based in the Philippines where one can share his/her own Lego builds and ideas. This is a perfect place for Pinoy AFOLS to discuss the said hobby. Also, selling and buying of Lego items are happening here (PHLUG Brick Stores). I never thought that the Lego community in the Philippines is this large and alive!

The community holds an event called BrickFast. Brickfast is a meetup that is open to all PHLUG members and Lego enthusiasts. This blog post features my first experience at BrickFast which happened last September 13, 2014 at McDonald's Forbes Town, BGC, Taguig. It is a gathering of all the brick maniacs (sorry for the term, it is not meant to hurt us haha) in Manila/Philippines. It is a big market dedicated to sell and buy Lego items. It is a common venue for all the transactions that were held in the PHLUG Brick Store. But wait, BrickFast is not only about the buy and sell idea... and I want to quote one comment made by one of the member of PHLUG regarding BrickFast -- by Sir Hans: 

Brickfasts are there to make people laugh and remove people from their monotonous lives. Join us. Make friends, build stuff, break stuff and build more stuff! BRICKFAST ISNT JUST ABOUT BUYING AND SELLING..its about creating not just MOCs (My Own Creations) its about creating a community and that community is PHLUG. ‪

Though I haven't done the making friends part yet during this first visit, I'll try my hardest the next time I join in. Anyway, below are the shots I've taken during the September 2014 BrickFast! Well most of the photos you'll see are MOCs out of the Mech Wars that were held in the group. These are crazy and sick creations from very talented Pinoy Lego enthusiasts! Enjoy!

MOCs made by Pinoy Lego users
Lego for sale!
If only I have extra money, I would have bought the Green Spaceman/girl
Next time... I'll go home with this large amount of brick sets (I am just day dreaming)
Sorry guys, I didn't intend to shot you looking at your wallets. I, myself, was amazed seeing this photo :)
This place is really a heaven for brick collectors!
ExoSuit display at the event!
One of the highlights in the event. Wew!
More Lego stalls!
I believe they are one of those Mech builders
Geared up!

The head gears of these two MOCs really wowed me :)
I just love the details of this MOC. Galing!

This is my favorite Mech War MOC in the exhibit!

Overall, my first experience of BrickFast has been a really great experience and fun! I'll definitely join again next time. If you're interested to join PHLUG, just look and add the group in Facebook!

My hauls - Exosuit, Spaceman & Stormtrooper  from CJ Cabrera, GB set from Pheoben Teocson,
Jack Sparrow from Manaze Bluntz and Camera from Raizel Kiong 


  1. oh my.. how come i just find out about it now?! huhuhu.. I had recently grown fond of lego too! Just because I am had seen the kids in school working on Lego Mindstorms. As for collecting, not for now. Not really ideal budget-wise :P I will definitely look em up on fb and visit on the next Brickfast!

    1. It's not too late... try to collect even the small sets first :)

  2. So that's how I look like when I'm thinking of buying something there. :))

    -guy in green and white looking at his wallet

    1. Hahaha... one of the hardest thing to do in that event is... if you'll buy another set, how will you survive till the next salary day :)


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